Monday, May 2, 2011

What was your most memorable noobie moment?

It was 2007 and me and Feaver had just started playing WoW. We started humans & were completing quests at the Abbey. We finished our Kobold slaying and headed to Goldshire. Opening the map & only seeing Elwynn and Stormwind I remember thinking "this place is huge!" We did our various quests and finally got a chain that began a very confusing adventure I laugh at now... Elmore's Task

A blacksmith in Elwynn gives you info on a job. This dwarf in SW needs a delivery made. We go find the dwarf (after I got lost repeatedly) and pick up Stormpike's Delivery. Now let's read:

"The Stormpikes are a respected dwarven clan, and are well known for their fine and discerning tastes. So it's no wonder that Gringer Stormpike, a Mountaineer of Ironforge, commissioned me to craft him a weapon.

The weapon is finished, but... Mountaineer Stormpike is far away, in distant Loch Modan. If you plan on traveling to the north, can you deliver this package to him?

My last message from Mountaineer Stormpike said he's stationed at the northern guard tower in Loch Modan."
Ok so we go north! Open map, waitttt a minute... how to you go north of SW!!!!!! There's nothing north! Took us fooorever to discover the tram. We finally take it to IF. I was completely amazed at how huge Azeroth was. We figured out how to leave Ironforge & started asking how to get to Loch from various passersbys. "Go West" "Go North" Directions we were given we're usually hit or miss. We did finally make it to Valley of the Kings. But the quest said Loch Modan... we went on road we were told, but no Loch!?! Finally someone rode by on a horse, I messaged them & pleaded for help. I explained we're new and have this quest that gives NO directions & we had followed the road but ended up in a Valley. The person took pity on us & personally escorted us into Thelsamar.

I learned 2 very important things: 1. Blizzard sucks with directions and 2. Heroes of Azeroth aren't always NPCs.

We've discussed this alot in vent on & off but I thought it'd be a great forum discussion. So think of "What was your most memorable noobie moment?" and tell us here!