Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Kingslayers

Being a guild leader isn't always an easy task. There's almost always some kind of Drama going on, it can be expensive, and it's very time consuming. Guild leaders are councilors, parents, teachers, judges, law enforcers, book keepers, negotiators, bankers, jugglers, and coordinators. We go in with the job of leading our troops to complete major objectives knowing it's going to be an uphill battle everyday. We have to keep "the good of the guild" above everything which means we make hard decisions that WILL make people mad... sometimes those people being friends. When things go bad, people look to you... when people don't get their way, people blame you...
For all these downsides there are huge payoffs. You meet incredible people who become friends and family. They give you atleast 2 nights a week to fight to accomplish the goal you give them. They schedule real life to accommodate when you need them whenever they can. They put in long hours and late nights. Then in the end, after you and them have put in blood, sweat & tears... bickered and grumbled at each other... you all get paid.
Thank you all who have worked so hard this year, not just the Lich King kill, but every boss along the way. You have definitely made the good outweigh the bad!

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