Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rank Changes!

Blizzard added a wonderful new reputation system for guilds. This now allows me to reward privileges based on time and effort members put in. I always hated that someone could join Ni & within a week get same rank as 75% of KWSN regulars. A new year is the best time to adjust policies so... Ni Ranking policy Changes are as follows:

Guild Master

Patsy - Officers

Huge Tracts o' Land - Bank

Black Knights - Core Progression Raid Team

Holy hand grenades - Farm Raid Team

Sir Galahad - Members Exalted with Ni

Sir Lancelot - Members Revered with Ni

Sir Bedevere - Members Honored with Ni

Sir Robin - Members Friendly with Ni

The French - Trial / Probation / Inactives

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