Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ni News Page!

Ever wonder why Short doesn't update site news as much? Maybe you're curious as to where Movie Monday went? Well my friends the answer is simple! While our new site on guildlaunch is safer and more user friendly, it does have limits. For example no more youtube videos unless it's just a link. Also there's no real simple way to add news content with much, if any, html. Basically it's just a forum post that shows up on main page. I'm not a big fan of that part of guildlaunch's setup other than for guild firsts, ect. I need something quick, simple, & content friendly. Introducing the solution!

While starting a blog to track my characters achievements, I couldn't get over how quickly I can post updates. I can publish within seconds and add video, links, pictures... it makes life easier and anything to speed up efficiency with guild leading I am totally for. So what will you see here? The reemergence of Machinima Movies, Guild News, Wow News, ect. So stay tuned to The KWSN Times!

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