Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sindragosa Dead!

After a long hard road, Core team brought down Sindragosa last night taking Knights Who Say Ni to 11/12. Thanks go out to Core raiders Pirtuk, Griffette, Clordy, Feaver, Tehlien, Aislyn, Toomey, Badear, Waytoopimp, and Azraela for getting her. While these brave knights were in the group to open the road to the Lich King, it wouldn't have been possible without all other Ni who have worked so hard at perfecting the kill strategy and working so hard to get us there. A special thanks goes out to Jason for doing the extra homework to find a better strategy for us and to Zulika, Draxnar & Stynus for being understanding and generous in giving up their seats to give Ni a shot to get to Arthas before patch day. This was a big kill for us as a guild and one that took alot of different people to make possible. Thank you all so much and Arthas... we're coming for you!

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