Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Art of Improvement

One thing I am really guilty of is kinda coasting through alot of Warcraft. I don't really play the Auction house to max gold income. I don't really make changes to PVP play. And as my healers can tell you, I'm the slowest to move in raids (although that one can't really be helped). I've played this way for 4 years now & have honestly really never realized this until this month.

I'm pretty much the mediocre player. I care about my team enough to work to get gear, study fights, have supplies but it never has hit me "Hey genius what about what you're DOING". Let me explain. The whole realization started a week ago. We are in a raid fighting Conclave of 4 Winds. Time to jump to north comes and I'm responsible for tranquility. Pop it while taking a ton of AOE damage reducing it's effectiveness. Next time we went in this noob druid Gilg said "Pop Barkskin before you start tranquility & you can cast better" Wow... Why did I not think about that?!? It honestly never dawned on me to use barkskin to mitigate all the damage instead of saving it for a Ohhhhh Craaaaap moment.

Same episode in PVP. I casually PVP & by casually I mean very casually. I do get good gear, gem/enchant it, follow directions when given and then I queue up and do the same thing every battle. I stand at designated spot & heal anyone near me. Oh & die alot. Then I started thinking more about what more I could be doing. Keeping Barksin up when in combat, ACK Warrior attacking! Cast Entangling Roots...side step side step, Horde healers casting! Cyclone! (Alliance never kills healers anyway, right?).

As it turns out there has been alot of little things I could've been doing this whole time. Most of which were really apparent & made me /facepalm when I realized what I was (or wasn't) doing. I was just in robot mode too much to realize it. After I started thinking instead of just doing the norm, I went a step farther by starting to ask myself "Why did I die?" I started checking Ni's World of Logs reports & surprisingly the answer wasn't always "it's the healers / tanks fault". Shocking right?

It's not even limited to fighting. If you start thinking more about what you're doing instead of just doing things out of habit, you can even get rich. Yes Rich! Pay attention when you sell things. Did you know old Crystals can be turned into shards for more gold? You can exchange 50 Savage Leather for a Pristine Hide? Some gears worth more if an enchanter disenchants it for you & you sell mats? There's tons of examples!

Have you ever had a "why didn't I do that?!" epiphany? What do you do to improve your play in Warcraft? Post your experience/comments in the Forum!

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