Friday, March 11, 2011

Za and ZG Heroic 5 Man Loot


Reforged TrollbaneWeaponAxe
Mandokir's TributeWeaponBow
Voodoo Hunting BowWeaponBow
Jeklik's SmasherWeaponMace
Bloodlord's ProtectorWeaponSword
Renataki's Soul SlicerWeaponSword
Zulian SlasherWeaponSword
Jin'do's VerdictWeaponStaff
Legacy of ArlokkWeaponStaff
Arlokk's ClawsWeaponFist Weapon
Thekal's ClawsWeaponFist Weapon
Twinblade of the HakkariWeaponDagger
Twinblade of the HakkariWeaponDagger
Voodoo HexbladeWeaponDagger
Touch of DiscordWeaponWand
Zulian Voodoo StickWeaponWand


Hakkari Loa DrapeArmorCloak
Hex Lord's Bloody CloakArmorCloak
Recovered Cloak of FrostheimArmorCloak
Amulet of ProtectionArmorAmulet
Amulet of the WatcherArmorAmulet
Arlokk's SignetArmorRing
Ring of the Numberless BroodArmorRing
Shimmerclaw BandArmorRing
Signet of VenoxisArmorRing
Soul Drain SignetArmorRing
The Hexxer's MaskCloth ArmorHead
Claw-Fringe MantleCloth ArmorShoulder
Jan'alai's SpauldersCloth ArmorShoulder
Hexing RobesCloth ArmorChest
Sash of AnguishCloth ArmorWaist
Serpentine LeggingsCloth ArmorLegs
Boots of the UrsineCloth ArmorFeet
Wristwraps of Departed SpiritsCloth ArmorWrist
Wristwraps of MadnessCloth ArmorWrist
The Savager's MaskLeather ArmorHead
Tusked ShoulderpadsLeather ArmorShoulder
Shadowtooth Trollskin BreastplateLeather ArmorChest
Vestments of the SoulflayerLeather ArmorChest
Belt of Slithering SerpentsLeather ArmorWaist
Leggings of Dancing BladesLeather ArmorLegs
Leggings of the PrideLeather ArmorLegs
Fasc's Preserved SandalsLeather ArmorFeet
Two-Toed MoccasinsLeather ArmorFeet
Amani'shi BeltLeather ArmorWrist
Armbands of the Bear SpiritLeather ArmorWrist
Headdress of Sharpened VisionMail ArmorHead
Pauldrons of NalorakkMail ArmorShoulder
Spiritbinder SpauldersMail ArmorShoulder
Breastplate of Primal FuryMail ArmorChest
Breastplate of SerenityMail ArmorChest
Hawkscale WaistguardMail ArmorWaist
Waistband of HexesMail ArmorWaist
Kilt of Forgotten RitesMail ArmorLegs
Zombie Walker LegguardsMail ArmorLegs
Shadowmender WristguardsMail ArmorWrist
Handguards of the TormentedMail ArmorHands
Mojo-Mender's GlovesMail ArmorHands
Plumed Medicine HelmPlate ArmorHead
Roaring Mask of BethekkPlate ArmorHead
Spiritshield MaskPlate ArmorHead
Pauldrons of SacrificePlate ArmorShoulder
Battleplate of the Amani EmpirePlate ArmorChest
Chestplate of HubrisPlate ArmorChest
Troll Skull ChestplatePlate ArmorChest
Coils of HatePlate ArmorWaist
Jungle StridersPlate ArmorLegs
Boots of Bad MojoPlate ArmorFeet
Skullcrusher WarbootsPlate ArmorFeet
Deathcharged WristguardsPlate ArmorWrist
Bone Plate HandguardsPlate ArmorHands
Plunderer's GauntletsPlate ArmorHands
Lost Bag of WhammiesArmorOff-hand Frill
Shield of the Blood GodArmorShield
Zulian WardArmorShield


Tattered Hexcloth BagContainer
The Hex Lord's FetishQuest
Large Gemmed RingMiscellaneous

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