Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Warrior Resources

A Workbench of Cataclysm Warrior Tools
Please click the links below and feel free to ask questions in the KWSN Warrior Forums. I'll answer them as best I can, or catch me online. Feel free to add requests or recommendations. I'll try them out and add them in.

Just Returning

  • Welcome Back: read the link for changes to the Warrior since youve been away.


  • GuildOx: Compare your guild or toon across the world, the country, the server, or look at your gear ranking within the guild. Can Check raid progression,PvP ranking and Achievements.

Gearing and maximizing your toon:

  • Max DPS: Character Auditer site; check gems, buffs, enchants, food, pots, and BIS gear.

  • Mr. Robot: Character Auditer site with features from above, as well as reforging min/maxing.

Spec's & Glyphs

General Information, Spreadsheets, and Theorycrafting

  • nUI: Simple all in one user interface, great for warriors.
  • TankSpot: Massive resource and boss guides.

Warrior PvP

Fury Video: Shows how the mobility and burst of fury in pvp allows the warrior to pursue and engage high value fleeing and mounted targets all over the battle field seemingly at will. In my opinion a far better choice than the one trick burst ponies that Arms brings to the table. Pardon the music!

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